GCCI Membership Benefits

1. Voice of the Private Sector
- GCCI is recognised by Government as representing the interests of the Private Sector and is continually interacting with Government on matters of concern to the private sector through representation on various boards and committees.

2. Annual Pre-Budget Consultations - Consultations with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs on economic issues particularly fiscal measures, prior to formulation of the national budget.

3. Training - Conduct courses for small business operators, in collaboration with specialised agencies where possible.

4. Industrial/Labour Relations - Assistance with labour relations problems, representation of members at tripartite negotiations with trade unions, preparation of personnel policy for members, current information on labour issues, a booklet on Employment laws.

5. Promoting Gambian Businesses - Assisting in the marketing efforts of Gambian Businesses through dissemination of information on and support in trade fairs, publication of a monthly business paper, six monthly business bulletin, and general networking of local and outside businesses.

6. Advocacy on Economic Issues - Assisting the private sector by influencing Government to lower tax and utility rates, promote business friendly policies and by making recommendations to government on major economic issues.

7. Communications - Keeping members informed through business news, press releases, annual dinners, workshops and seminars.

8. Sectoral Groups Interaction - Sector groups offer the opportunity for members to communicate and interact with fellow members in similar industries. Discussing to find solutions to their common business problems. GCCI has a number of standing committees including: Trade & Economic Affairs, Industry & Labour, Tourism, Fisheries, Agriculture & Agro Industries, Construction, Transport & Communications, Finance, Insurance & Banking, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Manufacturing, Professional Organisations & Consultancies, Governmental Affairs, etc.

9. Special Seminars - Informative seminars held occasionally (in collaboration with other institutions) to address special economic issues of interest to the private sector in general and members in particular.

10. Working Dinner - Hosting periodic working dinners with top officials (Government & Non-Government) with the purpose of improving working relations informally putting forward membersí interests.

11. Trade Mission/Linkages - Assistance to members through co-hosting trade missions from the Sub-Region and aboard.

12. Special Discount Schemes - Saves money for members on a special discount package. All GCCI card carrying members enjoy special discounts when doing business among themselves.

13. Overseas Enquiries - Receives daily business enquiries from overseas about possible joint ventures, distributorship, agency and other forms of commercial partnership with Gambian businesses.

Eligibility - Membership is open to all registered business entities.

Membership Fees
Full Members D5,000 plus D250 (registration fee) - D5,250
Associate Member* D2,000 plus D250 (registration fee) - D2,250

Application Procedure
Fill the attached registration form (PDF or Word) and return it along with your subscription and registration fee to:-

The Chief Executive
Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

55 Kairaba Avenue
P. O. Box 3382
The Gambia

Tel: (220) 378929
Fax: (220) 378936/229671
E-Mail: gcci@qanet.gm

*Unlike a Full Member, an Associate Member does not have a voting right, cannot be elected to the Board and cannot represent GCCI at any forum in any capacity.