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Background: '''

The Mission Statement of The Gambia Incorporated Vision 2020 encompass the following intentions:  

“To transform The Gambia into a financial centre, a tourist paradise, a trading export-oriented agricultural and manufacturing nation, thriving on free market policies and a vibrant private sector, sustained by a well-educated, trained, skilled, healthy, self-reliant and enterprising population, and guaranteeing a well-balanced eco-system and a decent standard of living for one and all, under a system of government based on the consent of the citizenry”.  

Based on the above statement it is obvious that only a fully developed and sustained private sector that is responsible and responsive to the development needs of The Gambia, can ensure the achievements of the set objectives of Vision 2020.  Thus, the private sector becomes the engine of growth for The Gambia’s economy, whether its potentials are developed or not.  

As a strategy to further develop the potentials of the private sector and demonstrate its crucial role in The Gambia’s economy, the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing a national trade fair for The Gambia.  

1.                   Organization and scope of the fair:

The Gambia will be hosting a National Trade Fair, organized by The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  This trade fair will exhibit products of the business community, the public sector economic activities, and the informal sector activities.  It will also exhibit products of international businesses, especially from the West African sub-region, namely: Senegal , Ghana , and Nigeria .  The trade fair offers an opportunity to showcase the activities of manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, as well as promote investment opportunities and develop linkages between the local Gambian businesses and international businesses.  

2.                   Venue:

The fair will take place at the front western angle of the Independence Stadium, in Bakau, and the space allocated will be 6,000 square metres.  

3.                   Dates:

The dates for the trade fair are, from November 28th to December 7th, 2003 .  

4.                   Objectives of the fair:

·         To provide business exposure to the small & medium enterprises

·         To promote Gambian products

·         To develop links between Gambian and international businesses;

·         To promote the development of the private sector;

·         To draw public attention to the role of the private sector; and

·         To bring more investments to The Gambia.  

5.                   Target Audience:

It is envisaged that the trade fair will attract the Gambian public, as well as visitors from the West African sub-region, and tourists.  The visitors include business people, government officials, investors, consumers, and tourists in The Gambia.

6.                   Participants:

·         Small and Medium Enterprises;

·         Government Parastatals;

·         Banking and Financial Services;

·         IT Service Providers;

·         Manufacturing Industry;

·         Energy Industry;

·         Agriculture;

·         Tourist industry;

·         Transport Industry; and

·         Businesses from the West Africa sub-region.  

7.                   What will be exhibited:

i.   Suppliers of Goods and Services;

ii.   Production, processing, and preservation and packaging Agencies; and

iii.  Entrepreneurs seeking joint ventures.


8.                   Why is the Chamber exhibiting:

i.    The Gambia is the marketing centre of the West African sub-region and also the gateway to Europe , the US , and Africa .  This trade fair will showcase Gambian products to a wider audience, thereby attracting more investors into the country;

ii. The trade fair will provide an opportunity to expose SME’s to foreign investment opportunities.  Since it coincides with the tourist season, it can promote joint ventures between foreign investors/tourists coming to the country with Gambian entrepreneurs; and

iii. It will create an opportunity for transfer of appropriate technology to Gambians, in terms of production, processing, and preservation techniques.  

9.  Exhibition Stalls – Rental Charges for International Participants:

Provision has been made for a total of 250 stalls, located at the Independence Stadium.  

·         Telephone line/Mobile SIM Card is provided on request  

  1. Stall (Standard size: 9 sqm)                                                                       = $    750.00
  2. Space In Trade Fair Catalogue:                                       

Full page:                                ?                                       = $    200.00 (black/white)

                                                  □                                       = $    450.00  (coloured)

Half page:                               ?                                       = $    150.00 (black/white)

                                                                      = $    300.00  (coloured)

  1. Space in GCCI Website                                                                         
    • Front page ads:                                                                      =  $     50.00 (per day)
    • Banner ads.                             ?                                             =  $     50.00 (per day)
    • Small ads.                                ?                                              =  $     25.00 (per day)
  2. Power supply                                             ?                                              =  $     50.00 (per stall)
  3. Banner Display                                          □                                              =  $     10.00 (per day)
  4. Investment Forum                                      ?                                             =  $     250.00
  5. Trade Fair Day for my business             ?                                             =  $     500.00

                          Total:       = $     ==================

Application is only valid with accompanying payment to:  National Trade Fair The Gambia, by Cheque or Bank Draft.