About Us

Borne out of a merger between the then Bathurst Chamber and Gambia Employers Organisation, the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) was established under private law in 1967. The organization is composed of business entities from all sectors of the economy. As a voluntary private sector organization however, membership of the chamber is optional, a setup adopted from the British model of Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Having started as a seven member expatriate company organization in pre-independence days, GCCI has now expanded in membership to over a hundred.

Overview of the Gambia Chamber of Commerce

GCCI is a non-political, non-profit making, self-governed, voluntary and private sector organization representing Trade and Commerce, Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Telecommunication services, Banking and Finance. The principal functions of the Chamber are provision of essential business services to the private sector in general and its members in particular, and to advise and influence government in creating a favourable business environment. It also serves as a one stop spot for foreign investors.

Service Overview

GCCI provides a variety of services both to non-members and members of the GCCI. Registered members of the GCCI gain access to the following services.

GCCI offers the following services:

*  Secretarial
*  Initiate business contacts
*  Match making of foreign businesses with local counterparts
Serve as a conduit for business consultancies
*  Training programmes and services for the business community
Organize and coordinate trade fairs
*  Advisory services on industrial relations
*  Promote and protect the private sector vis--vis Government
Translation services: English-French/French-English
*  internships